Stress, Good or Bad?

Here is something I came across while waiting in my therapist’s office. I think it answers that question.

Any big change causes stress, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Your stress response is designed to help you meet the demands you face by increasing your focus. To harness it, first acknowledge that what you are going through is tough. Doing so changes where you experience stress in your brain, moving it from the reactive amygdala to the more rational prefrontal cortex. Second, tell yourself you welcome the stress. That doesn’t mean admitting the stressor is good. But stress occurs only when we care about something– so the third step is to think about how to use what stress tells you to create a life more vital than the one you had before. ~ Alia Crum, PhD Assistant Professor of Psychology, Stanford University~

A dear friend of mine has me realizing that I am just letting stress bring me down. Down into the abyss… where it beckons me, teases me and tries to lure me. I am refusing to look into the abyss because I do not want it to look back at me. If it looks back at me I am afraid of what I will see and fear I will be lost within it forever. I don’t want to be lost forever, not even for one moment. I choose to look for the light. No matter how small it may be, just a pinprick will do… just a pinprick is something that will keep the abyss at bay. No matter how hard it gets or how miserable I feel… I will hold on to that pinprick until I bleed light.

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6 thoughts on “Stress, Good or Bad?

  1. Hi Saila, Nice to meet you on word press. This advice is so true. We can let stress, which is so normal, especially when we care so much, let us down or we can use it to help us through a situation. It all depends on our mindset. Thanks for the inspiration.


  2. Beautiful. Be still and listen to God’s voice regarding any actions, treatment, etc. you should pursue. In john10:10 GOD promises abundant life everyday. It’s how we interpret our struggle and the action we choose to take. Abundant blessings, Emma


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