Preserving Hope

Preserving hope. That is what I choose. That is what we should all choose… especially in the midst of chaos.

When you are reeling during a big change, get your worst and best case scenarios down on paper. Doing so helps you see the situation more clearly and develop a plan. Also, do all you can do to preserve hope. What does that mean? Well, hopeful people share four core beliefs. First, they believe their future will be better than their present. Second, they believe they have the power to direct how their life unfolds. Third, they realize there are many paths to their goals. And fourth, hopeful people know there will be obstacles — but they believe in their ability to overcome them. ~ Paula Davis-Laack Stress and Resilience Expert and Consultant ~

Sometimes in the midst of chaos we forget that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and no, it is not an oncoming train – even though it feels as if it might be. Do you believe that your future will be better than your present? Yes? Read on… No? Go back and read from the beginning lol. I’ve been finding these little snippets of inspiration lately and believe me, they are like a smack in the head. I had forgotten about hope. I thought the light was an oncoming train and I just about lay down on the tracks waiting for it to run me over. I forgot I believed that I have the power to direct how my life unfolds and that there are many paths to get to what I deserve. I also forgot how resilient I am. But no more. I have hope and I will preserve it with all my might. I will embrace it on the darkest night, cling to it in the windiest storm and climb up on it during the floods. I will never forget hope is there again. Preserving hope is in itself a life-preserver. 

Until next time…