Be A Baby

When you’ve been through an unexpected change, the old you dies and a new one is born. And therefore you must allow yourself to be a baby. Get emotional and moral support any way you can. Give yourself a limited time each day (at least an hour) to do nothing but focus on this adjustment. And don’t make big decisions until you’ve got your legs under you. You don’t even know who the new you will grow up to be, so postpone large commitments, giving yourself time and love. Everything else will take care of itself. ~ Martha Beck, PhD & Life Coach

I’m guessing you can tell that I’ve been through an unexpected life change. It began when I lost my condo back on June 30 2015. I had to leave and my living situation drastically changed. I no longer live with my son and I have only myself and my cat in a room rented from an acquaintance. This is the second room I’ve been in since July 1 2015. It sucks, however, I feel as if I am blessed. I have my cat Coco with me all throughout this. In that alone I am very blessed. I have a roof over my head and a bed under me at night.

I know I need to treat myself as a baby and get used to this new life but it is hard to do. There is so much stress right now and I forget to even breathe. I give thanks to The Universe that I found a mindfulness group that meets once a week and they use the acupuncture in the ears to relieve stress and reduce any type of cravings you may or may not have.

So if you have had your life turned upside down as I have, take time out to “be a baby” and tend to your very vulnerable self. You will be ok. It will be alright. You will regain your footing again. You will grow up to be a strong capable person who has another life story to share. Have hope.

Until next time…