Counting Your Blessings From The Pit

Hope never ever dies.

It may seem as if it is so.

But hope never dies.

You can lose it.

You lose it in the pit.

You lose it by giving up your power.

You can lose it when you lose your way.

But hope never loses its way to you.

It can never be too small.

It can be in a cup of coffee.

It can be in the falling leaves of the New England autumn.

It can be in a cat’s paw grabbing your hand for a pet.

It can be in the one single star visible to you at night.

You get the idea.

Sometimes the smallest hope is the best hope.

Hope burns brightest when we need it most…

yet we still are unable to see it because

we have forgotten to look for it.

I choose to always look for it.

Until next time…


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