Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Seven of Sky ~ 11.08.15

Merry Meet! If you are into breaking your bad habits… this card is for you. Pay close attention to the reversed meaning of this card as that is how it came to me. 

Seven of Sky

Seven of Sky

With a whoosh of red-flashed wings, a flock of blackbirds explodes into the air, startling a Sky Cat and distracting from her prey. While her attention is diverted, a sly clanmate slinks in and steals the mouse. Now it remains to see if he gets away with it or if the injured party will turn in time to fight for what is rightly hers.

The Cat’s Advice

Because of too many distractions, you are in danger of losing something valuable to you. Consider where you choose to put your time and attention if you want to accomplish your objectives. There also may be something going on behind the scenes that you have been too preoccupied to notice. Pay attention.

If the card is reversed

If you have engaged in questionable or unethical behavior, set the situation right whether you’ve been caught in the act or not. Make apologies and reparation as needed. If the behavior has gone on for a long time, rather than just one instance, know that it may take time to regain trust. 

Are you doing things you shouldn’t be doing? Telling white lies? Well, stop. If you have already stopped the questionable behavior, good for you! Keep it up and remember that it may and probably will take time for you to be trusted again. If you are doing worse… you know that you need to stop and the time is NOW. It was able to be done so you can now work on undoing it. It’s possible!

Until next time…

Blessed Be!