Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Four of Fire ~ 11.10.15

Merry Meet! Today’s card came up reversed, so even though there is not much difference in the meaning for an upright card, pay attention because it is important.

Four of Fire

Four of Fire:

Each clan has its own ancient rituals and rites of passage, its own of connecting to the sacred feline nature. For the Fire Cats, the most spiritual of the clans, the source of all mystical power is light. In their many temples, they meditate on the sparkling Mysteries and worship their own beauty that shines from within.

The Cat’s Advice:

Mundane practicalities will not fully feed your spirit. Make time for wonder, beauty, magic, and connection to the sacred. If you have a ritual or spiritual practice, give it more time and attention on a daily basis. If you don’t have such a practice, it may be time to create one. Look for the light.

If the card is reversed:

The Four of Fire reversed has essentially the same message as when the card is upright, with the additional message to bring others into your rituals and explorations of the mystical light within.

You still have it don’t you? You know what I mean, the desire for more, more from the Spiritual Realm. Maybe you have been thinking about learning Reiki. Now is the time to find your Reiki Master. Go to Reiki shares as well. Go on to find like-minded people. This can also go another way, if you feel your light is dim, some of us need to start with the little things, the little blessings. Listen to the rain coming down, how it sounds different with each surface it touches. It’s s symphony if you listen. Grab your coffee and sit on the porch or deck if you have one and watch the morning grow. Watch the little birds and the mischievous squirrels scurrying around. Look to the simple, the most basic things and you will find your light again.

Until next time…

Blessed Be!