Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Two of Fire ~ 11.12.15

Merry Meet! 

I see we are keeping on the theme of the Fire Cats… today’s card is a reversed Two of Fire. If you’ve been putting something off, this is the card for you… read on…

Two of Fire

Two of Fire:

Pausing between the worlds, a cat considers her options. Adventure lies outside in the deepening darkness, away from the shelter and safety of the lighted dwelling. Fire Cats live for adventure, but moving from the security of where she is to the potential of where she could be is not a matter to be rushed. From the vantage point of the threshold, the cat takes all the time she needs.

The Cats Advice: 

There is the potential for advantageous opportunity ahead, but the time may not be right to make your move. Consider carefully. A discreet time of observation and meditation may serve you better than charging ahead.

If the card is reversed:

What are you waiting for? The question is not rhetorical. Consider what still needs to be known or acquired before you act. Gather more information from others if you need it, but above all, trust your instincts.

Is there something you have been pondering or putting off? Have you made your pro/con list? Well, the time is now to make that list. Ask trusted friends for advice, especially if they have been there done that. Go!

Until next time…

Blessed Be!