Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Ten of Sky ~ 1.26.16

Merry Meet!

It’s great to be back from an unfortunate vacation from the internet! So let’s get to it, shall we? The Ten of Sky – yet again – this card is surely a frequent flyer, so for those of you out there (including myself lol) who are not getting the message… take some time and meditate on this…

Ten of Sky

Ten of Sky:

This Sky Cat had been driven out by his clanmates, and no one will step forward to help him. Wounded, starving, isolated, and in despair, he has reached the limits of his strength. Perhaps this is the conclusion of one of his nine lives, or perhaps he can find shelter and healing in another clan if they will have him. Whatever happens, he knows he’s at the end of his life as he knew it.

The Cat’s Advice:

It is time to face facts and honestly assess the situation. Whatever you were attempting is not working out for you. What you have hoped for is not going to happen, at least in the form you expected. On the bright side, this is as bad as it gets. Things can only get better once you accept reality without illusions.

Are things not going as you were told or you thought they would? Of course not. You need to forget about the past by not dwelling on it and giving it a proper burial. It has nothing worth giving to you now that you have opened your eyes and learned your lesson. NOW is the time to start fresh, those hopes and dreams you have been losing faith in…?  Well, NOW is the time to claim them! You have yet another chance… how many people out there can say they have gotten a “do-over” more than twice? I bet you are one of them as am I. Let’s take that step towards Hope together, what do ya say?! 😉

Until next time…

Blessed Be…


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