Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Ace of Fire ~ 2.1.16

Merry Meet!

If you have a burning yes or no question, meditate on it now and then read the post… 

Ace of Fire

Ace of Fire:

You are entering the territory of the Fire Clan. Their emblem signifies a place where boldness, courage, and creativity can thrive. The cats you meet here will challenge you and push you toward greatness. The way of the Fire Cats is the way of action.

The Cat’s Advice:

Creative opportunities are available to you now, as well as the energy and willpower to take advantage of them. If you are considering a new endeavor, the time is right. Enthusiasm will carry you forward if you pursue the things that passionately interest you. If you drew this card for a question, the answer is yes.

Do you sometimes feel like flipping a coin to get an answer? And… did you ever notice that when the coin is in the air that is when you find yourself wishing for heads or tails. That is where your true answer lies, not in the actual coin flip landing. You know what the answers are and this card just verified that. 

Until next time…

Blessed Be…