That Little Nagging Voice…

…is saying “You’re feeling good aren’t you? More together. Well, don’t get used to it because you just may switch soon. You know it’s true, it’s happened many times before. Who’s to say it won’t happen again?”

I’m saying “I Will Not Let It Happen This Time!!!”

The Voice “Hahaa Yea, riiiiight.”

We’re saying “No. You don’t understand… WE won’t let it happen. She is happy, she is in a relationship with someone she loves very much and she is getting her life together. So, we are still here and WE WILL NOT LET IT HAPPEN.”

The Voice mutters “Well, ok then…”

Does that nagging Voice really give up that easily? We will have to wait and see.

Until next time…

Blessed Be…


Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Sky Queen ~ 2.15.16

Merry Meet! 

You seem to have either had some major revelation or some pretty big decisions on your plate recently, hu?

Sky Queen

Sky Queen:

The Sky Queen is above it all, often literally, for her love of high places draws her ever upward. From this lofty perspective she sees keenly; nothing escapes her. She surveys the world with coolness and detachment. This queen doesn’t often bond with her mates, and for the most part she keeps her clan at a wary distance. She carries out her mothering duties with careful attention, but when it’s time for the kittens to leave her, she lets them go easily. As formidable as she is beautiful, the Sky Queen keeps her thoughts to herself.

The Cat’s Advice:

Your quick wits and sharp intelligence serve you well, as does your gift for communication. You may be keeping personal relationships at arm’s length, though strategic alliances are valuable to you. Calm thoughtfulness is more important to you than emotions now. This is a good time to get perspective and consider future decisions.

It is a time for reflection not reaction. Think before you speak. Keep your lofty position and your eyes and ears open. Are you sure, absolutely sure of how you feel? Of what you want? Stop and think about it, about what you really really want. Immerse yourself in it. Meditate on it. 

Until next time…

Blessed Be…