Mystical Cats Tarot ~ VII The Chariot ~ 2.16.16

Merry Meet!

You CAN get what you want… read on to see how!

Card 3 VII The Chariot

VII The Chariot:

Cats enjoy the thrill of seeing how far our personal power will take us. Not just feats of physical prowess–our innate magnetism and psychic strength carry us onward through any challenge. This cat is commanding his spirited steeds by the focused intention of his will alone. He knows where he wants to go, and without a doubt he will get there. When a cat is in full control of his own destiny, no obstacle in his path will impede his progress.

The Cat’s Advice:

You are in charge of your life. When you believe in your purpose, the universe will work with you toward greatness. Your success is assured, but you must take action to set it in motion. Don’t let anyone else drive your chariot now; interference from others, or even assistance if it’s not asked for can impede your progress. Clarify your intentions, make a plan, gather your resources, then move forward.

Yes, you can get what you want. You just need to trust and let it go. What? Doesn’t make sense? It will when you are ready to receive. Keep the faith!

Until next time…

Blessed Be…