Multiple Personalities, Suicide and Self Harm

I came across this saying while perusing the net.

“When someone with multiple personalities threatens suicide, can that be considered a hostage situation?”

It make me stop and think about it. Oh and this may seem like a dark post but I am not in a dark place… so no worries, just pondering that statement from the perspective of a multiple. It is actually just that with suicide threats or attempts… a hostage situation. The same with self-harm. A hostage situation. The one who is wanting or I should say Needing the suicide attempt or self-harm gains incredible power… power from the overwhelming hurt, sorrow and depression. Those things can get their claws in so deep there is no getting out until something drastic either happens from within or from without. The others get buried so deep and weighted down they can barely breathe let alone fight the One who is in Need. Outside forces can trigger those things as well. Being abandoned, being labeled, being discarded, being dismissed.

This may give you a little bit of an idea of how a multiple being held hostage can feel… Picture yourself in a hostage situation and You are the hostage. You are bound so tightly with duct tape you can barely breathe. You are forced to watch while your baby sister or baby brother is getting tortured. (Keep in mind that you are not only You in this scenario but the sibling as well as the parents and the torturer) Your parents are also bound but with ropes that can be untied… however they are too exhausted from days of being beaten down to loosen the ropes. The torturer is not having fun, not at all. The torturer is also you – the tortured. The torturer is doing these horrendous things because they do not know of another way out. The torturer ends up running rampant unintentionally terrorizing the others, they run for shelter hoping to weather out the storm… praying one of them can gain the strength to stop The Needy One. She carries an unquenchable thirst, a burning hunger never sated… the craving, the need for release from the emotional and psychological pain is blindingly powerful. It is a blinding force I never want to encounter again.


So, yes, a hostage situation it is. The problem comes with the aftermath when The Needy Hostage Taker has been sated or interrupted… she sleeps. We take the flaming aftermath. Is that fair? No. Does it matter if it is fair? Nope… although it matters to me and hopefully to you.

you matter

Until next time…