Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Nine of Earth ~ 2.19.16


Do you feel stuck? Have cabin fever? Do you want to claim what is yours? Read on paying attention to the reversed meaning as this card came up reversed today. 

Nine of Earth

Nine of Earth:

The pleasures of clan life are great, but there is also happiness to be found in solitude, especially as we get older and may want to take life at a slower pace. This Earth Cat serenely watches the world go by from the peace of her enclosed garden. No other cat shares her home, but she isn’t lonely. Her thoughts and memories are company enough, and her wise heart is filled with contentment.

The Cat’s Advice:

You have earned your place in the sun. Claim your right to retreat into the solitude of contentment. Being on your own to contemplate beauty is a kind of prosperity that feeds the soul. Not everything is meant to be shared, even with loved ones. Deep happiness awaits you in the walled garden of the spirit.

If the card is reversed:

Too much time at home can begin to feel like confinement rather than contentment. The outside world is calling, and worldly demands are encroaching on your retreat space. What once felt magical may now feel mundane, with all the sparkle used up through routine and sameness, go see what is going on outside your walls.

Once you’ve been inside for too long you start to rely on it as much as despise it. It’s as comforting as it is constricting. That’s what makes it harder and harder to break free. It’s almost as if you are growing roots. That is not something that you want to do. Pull yourself together and make a move. Go outside your space. Even for just a moment. It’s a start and that first step is always the hardest so set your mind to it and MOVE! Trust it will get better!!

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