Mystical Cats Tarot ~ III The Empress ~ 2.25.16

Merry Meet! 

Do you practice “smothering mothering” or do you keep everyone at arm’s length? Read on and pay close attention to the reversed meaning as that is how this card came today.

III The Empress

III The Empress

Is there anything more beautiful than a mother cat and her kittens? Of all the bonds we hold sacred, this bond is the most precious. Our Empress is the embodiment of motherly love, and with each generation we honor her with a special place in our hearts. From the moment her little ones are born, she nurtures them with her body, defends them fiercely, and watches over them faithfully. She would die for them if it came to that. And yet she knows her duty is to care, not to consume. When her kittens are ready, she encourages them to go forth into their own lives and watches them go with pride.

The Cat’s Advice

The care and support you need are available to you. This may come in the form of material wealth or nurturing help, but whatever the circumstances, you can trust that it is given with love and without expectation or conditions. You too have this unconditional love inside you. Let it nourish others as you would be nourished yourself. The cycle of love is never-ending.

If the card is reversed

If you have been wounded by mothering (either from your own mother or someone else in a mothering role), you may shy away from allowing your own maternal nature to come forth. Or you may not let others nurture you, for fear of being smothered by obligation. Find a way to release and heal these old patterns.

What happened to you happened, let it go so you don’t repeat the pattern or worse yet, pass it on to the next generation. It’s ok to give and take… but not one without the other. Remember that what you do will come back to you in some way shape or form… so be that person you desire to be! What you desire matters! You have it in you to give what you never received… break that chain of behavior.

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Blessed Be…