A Tango with Trust

You all know my history with trust and that the cards focused on it a few days in a row… well, I let Trust lead the dance yesterday and I did not once try to take the lead away. Here’s what happened…

I had gone out to run a few errands including the bank to withdraw some money. I had kept the money in the sealed envelope and put it in my pocketbook. It was tagged for my car. I stopped at my friend’s house after all that for a quick visit then back home before running out again.

Stopped home and then did what I had to do there before heading out again.

I get back home and realize I no longer have the envelope with the money! I dump my purse… nothing… Panic is setting in and I decided then and there to call on Trust. I gave my predicament to The Universe as well as asking for help to Trust and let it be that I would find it. So then I called the last place I was to see if someone found it… of course the answer was no. I called my friend to see if I had somehow dropped it there… she didn’t see anything anywhere. I couldn’t help feeling little threads of panic but as quickly as I felt them, I cut them free from me and went back to Trust.

The car was another obvious place to look, so I went downstairs to look in and around the car… nothing. Starting to feel threads of defeat now… what did I do with those? Cut them as well and went back to Trust. I had no idea how I was going to get that money back but deep down because I had Trust, I knew that I would somehow someway.

Back up the steps I go with my head hung down… when lo and behold at the top of the steps — because I was looking down and not up — I spot the envelope at the edge of the porch! I could have just died with gratitude right then and there! Apparently it fell out of my pocketbook when I was digging for my key to get in the house! It was laying there for at least 2 hours!

It was ok letting Trust lead that dance and I think I will be ok with Trust leading more often. I did not get struck by lightning nor did a hole open in the earth and swallow me up. Instead I learned a little on how to Trust again.

Until next time…



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