Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Sea King ~ 2.26.16

Merry Meet! 

Today we have a card we have not received in the time we have had this deck! It seems to be directed towards Libras… The Sea King. Pay attention to the reversed meaning today.

Sea King

Sea King:

Like his queen, the Sea King has a heart overflowing with love. His nature is calm and emotionally controlled, for above all he seeks peace and harmony. Though he will defend his family as necessary, he is more likely to encourage overtures of reconciliation and compromise. His compassion extends beyond his own clan so that he is often sought out in times of conflict. Gentle but strong, this king is a sensitive mate and protective father.

The Cat’s Advice:

Others look to you for calm strength and reassurance. The respect you have earned as a peacemaker is well-deserved, for it comes from an authentic wish to reach out to others in kindness. Everyone who is within your sphere of influence benefits from your wise compassion, which counsels without taking on others’ problems as your own.

If the card is reversed:

It’s good to see all sides of a situation, but sometimes wrong is just wrong. Don’t let your inclination towards reconciliation compromise your values. You may need to disappoint others in order to stay true to yourself.

This is a hard one and I’m truly sorry for whatever you are facing. You know that wrong is just wrong no matter how you spin it. You also know that you care about those involved. Everyone knows what is going on but not a one wants to speak the truth. It’s up to you. Sometimes a little separation is called for. Remember, you have to live with yourself.

Until next time…

Blessed Be…