Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Sea Kitten ~ 2.28.16

Merry Meet!

Do you tend to try to control your surroundings or are you controlled by them?

Sea Kitten

Sea Kitten:

On her first visit to the shore, the Sea Kitten is enchanted by the rippling wavelets and merrily chases them as they flow back toward the depths. She is unprepared for what happens next — the wavelets are chasing her! The kitten is surprised by the power and immensity of the ocean, but she will learn quickly.

The Cat’s Advice:

The waters of emotion swirl around you, and — just as the kitten learns about the waves — you are learning to handle them. Your feelings are close to the surface, both good and bad. Be compassionate with yourself. As we mature and grow wiser, the depths and tides are less scary, and we willingly take the plunge. 

Learn to live life, not everything is dark and twisty. Go ahead and dive in… I guarantee you that it will be interesting. You can’t anticipate every possible outcome so why not waste that energy on something positive by breathing in the life all around you. Go on out and go for a walk if you can. Look at things with a child’s eyes of wonder and curiosity. Let yourself feel.. immerse yourself in life. You will be surprised at the change it can make in you. Trust The Universe!

Until next time…

Blessed Be…