Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Fire Queen ~ 2.29.16

Merry Meet! 

This Leap Day we have the Fire Queen again. Have you lost your spark? Is life boring you to tears? Read on and pay attention to the reversed meaning here.

Fire Queen

Fire Queen:

Serenely watching the fireworks set off in her honor, the Fire Queen revels in their beauty and magic. She is an adventuress who is fond of entertainments and sparkly toys. She revels in the hunt, more for the chase than the kill, for her heart is kind and honorable. As a mate, she is passionate, and she enjoys her kittens for their playfulness and unpredictability. This queen’s sense of humor keeps her heart light. She is a source of inspiration and creative vision.

The Cat’s Advice:

What brings the sparkle to your eyes? What kindles the flame of passion within you? When you are filled with warm enthusiasm for life, your radiant spirit inspires others to glow as well. Find your own muse so that you may continue to be a muse for others.

If the card is reversed:

Your passion for living may be dampened at present. If you have lost your interest in the things that used to inflame your ardor, you can either find ways to rekindle the spark or move on to new passions. One way or another, you must reclaim your inner glow.

You are finding it hard to move on with your new circumstances. What was, was. What is now, is. You have to adjust or you will just continue to wallow. I know it’s hard but you can’t continue to wait for your situation to miraculously change. You have to put in the effort and you need to do it soon. Be the duckling 🙂

Until next time…

Blessed Be…