Trust and the Falling Tree

Today was one of those rare ‘feel good’ days. I felt free and open. I decided to take a ride to a small shop that I love… you can check it out here. On my way home I was behind a truck that was turning, there was enough room for me to squeak by if I chose to try. I chose to wait the 2 or 3 seconds it would take for him to turn. That 2 or 3 seconds saved me from half a tree landing on my car! I was so thankful that I listened to the voice inside nudging me to just wait and don’t try to squeak by him.  “Don’t be in a rush.” it said. “Relax, enjoy your freedom.” it said. So I did. And further down the road the falling tree missed me by a matter of a few feet. I was safe. I trusted and I was blessed. Trust reinforced!

I’ve been working on this thing called Trust lately. I had lost it from my life and feared I’d never get it back. Trust was the ocean I had stuck only my toe in, then turned and ran back to the safety of the beach. There was a time long ago when Trust and I were besties. Then Life happened. I was not as trusting of Trust anymore. I began to look at Trust as an angry storm I wanted no part of. Tossing me about willy nilly… slamming me up against the rocks over and over… once I broke free… I ran, ran far away so that Trust was a distant memory.

There came a point in my life when I was hopeless and started begging for help with Hope. I couldn’t do it by myself and I knew that God/dess was still there waiting on me to come back. Little did I realize that it took Trust to do that. The begging for help. I had to trust that Someone was listening and would help me. That kind of opened the floodgates to the beginnings of trusting again. I may have been slammed against the rocks a few times but no trees are falling on me!

Until next time…