Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Earth Tom

Merry Meet

Are you always willing to help others yet unable to ask for help yourself? Why is that? Read on…

Earth Tom

Earth Tom

Patrolling his clan’s territory, this Earth Tom comes upon a kitten who has strayed from her litter. Without hesitation, the tom gathers up the little one and carries her safely over all obstacles to her home. With no mate or kittens of his own yet, the Earth Tom devoted himself to the protective care of his clan. He finds great satisfaction in helping others and is much-loved by his clanmates.

The Cat’s Advice

Through steady work and a cheerful willingness to help others, you are laying a solid foundation for all your future endeavors. Patient attention to increasing your skills will assure prosperity and self-reliance. This card can also indicate someone who is available to help you with practical aid and support.

You’ve been so loyal all your life to others, it is time to let one or more of them in. It is not a show of weakness in fact it is a show of strength to know enough to ask. Most of all it takes a strong person to let others in. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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