The Upside of Dissociation

Yes, you read that right. The upside of dissociative identity disorder. You may not believe it but there is an upside– for me at least. I was diagnosed with it back in 1991 and have been working hard in therapy and been through many an IOP program as well as DBT over the years. I made it to the point of integration recently… by that I mean in the past few years.

Here is the perfect example: today I had to go to the DMV to register my car. Not something I could do online seeing I had to get plates. I went there with the mindset that while I was waiting for my number to be called I would dissociate so I wouldn’t mind the wait.

The wait was 3 hours or so and let me tell you… I didn’t mind a bit. lol As soon as they hit the number 287 I ‘came back’ and it was a short wait until they called 291!

I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be able to have any control over my DID. With the integrating came some measure of control. I couldn’t imagine sitting there for that length of time as a ‘normal’ person. When I told my friend Suzicle that I was going today she said she would rather have her toenails pulled out with pliers!

I may have a disabling disorder but I’m trying to make the best of it. Today I sure succeeded!!

Until next time…