Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Six of Earth

Merry Meet!

Are you afraid of a little give and take? Feel like you are always the giver or the receiver? Unable to switch roles? Read on…

Six of Earth

Six of Earth:

Unlike the cold and hungry cat in the Five of Earth, this mother and her kittens have found welcoming shelter with a generous Earth Cat who has enough to share. The mother knows she must trust in the goodness of her benefactor and show her little ones that there’s no shame in accepting help when it is needed. The Earth Cat blesses her guests with love as well as sustenance, and in giving she is greatly blessed as well.

The Cat’s Advice:

Share the bounty of your life with those less fortunate. If you are the one in need of help and care, do not be too proud to accept it when it is offered. Remember that the giver receives blessings as well as the recipient. The exchange is equal, so you needn’t hesitate or worry about feeling indebted.

You are going to have to give in and accept the help being offered you. It may not feel very comfortable but think of it this way… How do you feel when someone accepts your help? Feels good doesn’t it? Why deny someone else that wonderful feeling?

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Blessed Be…


NOW I Get It

I wish I could say those 4 words to my parents. They have both passed away so the only way I can talk to them is through my Spirit. I have so many unanswered questions… I have gotten a few answers from Spirit tho and it helps.

At first, well how I remember it anyway, I wanted to go to school to become a Flight Attendant so my parents signed me up. Did I finish the schooling? Nope. I decided I wanted to go to school to become a diesel mechanic. There were more examples I am sure but those were the last two schoolings I remember. I also remember how increasingly hard it was to convince my parents to let me do this or that. Of course whichever Alter was out did not understand and was increasingly hurt because they weren’t allowed to do whatever it was that was a first time for them.

The problem was that they did not understand — nor did I at the time — that their child had Dissociative Identity Disorder so each time this child begged to do this or that it was the first time for her but the nth time for her parents. If I was the parent with 3 other younger children to care for I would vote for the ‘out of sight out of mind’ too. It was the easiest thing they could do to keep their sanity.

Now I get why I was ‘banished’ to my room so much and had so many issues within my family. The understanding is coming to me little by little. It’s still not ok what happened to me when I was growing up but at least now I get it.

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