Mystical Cats Tarot ~ 0 The Cat

Merry meet!

Are you living with your feet off the ground? Chasing after rainbows and Unicorns? Some living with… some chasing… is necessary but how much? Read on and pay attention to the reversed meaning here as the card came to us reversed today.

0 The Cat

0 The Cat:

What a wonderful thing it is to be a cat! No creature is more graceful, mystical, wise, or courageous. All our senses are keenly attuned to understand and be fully part of the planes of existence, both seen and unseen. Every plant, every stone, every breeze, every sound is perceived clearly and received with curiosity. Everything we encounter is experienced at its fullest and most real. We walk through life always ready to experience each serendipitous adventure. No one needs to remind cats to stop and smell the flowers. We know full well the flowers were placed there just for us.

The Cat’s Advice:

Would you like to walk the Way of the Cat? The first step is to be fully present exactly where you are, right now. Ask yourself what would make you happy, and then welcome the opportunities that follow. Your nose will lead you to your bliss if you let it. Open your eyes to beauty. Awaken your spirit to wonder.

If the Card is Reversed:

A life that is purely serendipitous can be a difficult one, even a foolish one. Too much wandering can leave you clanless and lonely, in later years especially. Living in the moment isn’t an excuse for carelessness or irresponsibility. Keep your paws on the ground.

Get back to reality. It’s time to settle your feet back on terra firma again. It is where you will find you do the most good.

Until next time…

Blessed Be…


Repetitive Numbers: 5, 2 and 3

It’s funny how The Universe can get your attention. In my case I would keep seeing those 3 numbers (5,2,3) together however not as 523. The point was driven home finally and I stopped seeing the numbers and decided to go look in my Angel Numbers 101 book and see what the 3 numbers mean for me.

A significant change is occurring, always for the better. It’s a good idea to call upon Heaven for help with life changes.

Everything’s fine and will continue to be so. Keep believing, especially since your feelings of hope lead to more positive outcomes. The angels can buoy your faith if you’ll ask for their help.

The ascended masters are helping you–usually this means an ascended master you feel close to–for example, Jesus, Quan Yin, a saint, or some other spiritual/religious figure.

Hahahaaaa wow. How freaking on point with my life situation!  *5* The “significant change”:  my housing situation as well as finally having wheels after 2 years and being in a serious relationship. There are more significant changes in my life than I put here and yes, some may not seem as if they are actually better, trust me they are.  *2* I’ve recently “dipped my toes” into the “trusting The Universe” pond, now I am getting confirmation that I can submerge myself in the “trusting The Universe pond” and not drown lol.  *3* I’m also getting verification that my cries for help have not been in vain… I am being helped and that gives me even more hope!

How cool is that! I am so glad that I decided to write about this because now that it is down in type and I am re-reading it… wow it just hits me harder… the amazement of it all. So pay attention to numbers that you keep seeing, whether on the clock, tv, phone, computer screen… if you continue to see them, realize it is not random, pay attention and look them up!

Until next time…