Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Earth King

Merry Meet!

Are you afraid of “empty nest syndrome”? Read on for more and pay close attention to the reversed meaning today.

Earth King

Earth King:

Like his mate, the Earth King works to protect and provide for his family and clan. He is benevolent and warm-hearted, and all those who draw near him feel secure in his presence. Beyond the present generations of cats, he is also aware of past generations— the paws that have walked his territory before him— and the responsibility he bears to those ancestors to keep the peace. This king’s kindness, generosity, and earthy practicality endear him to every cat he meets in his own clan and abroad.

The Cat’s Advice:

Others count on your practicality and stability. Take stock of your material well-being to assure continued prosperity, including having enough to share. You will find a strong sense of satisfaction in helping others feel secure and safe, whether in the home, the workplace or the wider community.

If the card is reversed:

It may be time to tell those who depend on you that they need to stand on their own and handle their own problems, especially financial or other material concerns. You’re not doing them any favors by supporting them into a state of dependency. It’s kinder and more helpful in the long run to let them take care of themselves.

You’ve done so much for so many over the years, don’t think of it as having an empty nest, think about it more as a new exciting chapter in your life. Your kids will always need you. If you are the one being supported, it is time to stand on your own and show those who nurtured you how much you have learned. They will always be there for you whether physically or spiritually. There comes a time when both parent and child need to spread their wings and when it happens at the same time… it is magical.

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Blessed Be…