Mystical Cats Tarot ~ IV The Emperor

Merry Meet!

Are you the caretaker? Are you giving away your power? Read on to see what The Emperor has for you…

IV The Emperor Reversed

IV ~ The Emperor:

Our magnificent Emperor rules over the four cat clans with calm majesty and perspective. Maintaining the territory boundaries and providing for the future welfare of all cats are his chief concerns. The clans may battle and fall into hard times, but when the Emperor steps in, his authority is always accepted. His power comes from within, not from brutal conquest or dominating others into fawning submission. He knows who he is. The empire is cast and his responsibilities great, yet each of us feel truly seen when the Emperor’s wise gaze falls upon us. True leadership combines heart and mind for the benefit of all.

The Cat’s Advice:

Hold fast to the things you know are righteous and good. Use your power wisely for the benefit of those in your care. If you are the one in need of support, make sure those you ask for help are worthy of your trust. In either case, set firm boundaries. Don’t give away your own power.

Don’t give away your own power. You can give it away without realizing it and others can take it from you little by little if you don’t pay attention. If you are the caretaker, make sure you take time for you. You need that to recharge your batteries. If you continue to give and give you will have nothing left for yourself. There is nothing wrong with taking time for you, in fact it is not healthy to continue to give without giving to yourself. They always say in an airplane to put your oxygen mask on first. 😉

Until next time…

Blessed Be…


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