Allowing Trust to Lead

A post on Trust. Yes, another one. It helps me to see it in writing – so to speak lol. My Tango is going well as I am finally learning to let Trust lead. lol It’s kind of fun actually. It’s much less stressful going with the flow instead of constantly pushing against it. It gives me a chance to catch my breath and listen to the music of life’s song.

However… it’s been so long since I’ve heard the Song… I fear I have forgotten how or what to listen for. Maybe the Song isn’t there anymore? Maybe I imagined it all those years ago? Maybe it was never there?

I must trust that the Song was always there. I have to.

In order to ‘hear’ again I must prepare my Spirit Body by continuing to meditate and doing it on a daily basis. I feel like the feeling of being scattered is what I am based on and need to jump off that train and onto the trail.

For starters Deepak Chopra and Oprah have started another 21 Day Meditation. If you want to check it out and catch up you can click Here.

I believe that our bodies have a vibration and for me when I am stressed in any way my vibration rises and I feel detached from everything instead of connected. So for me, I have to use meditation to lower my vibration to a more manageable and open frequency. Then I begin to hear more clearly. Then and only then I can begin to enjoy the Song that Life so graciously gives us.

It is the song under the songs of negativity and violence that seem to have taken over. The sounds of the morning birds, the evening peepers, the variety of sounds the rain can give us… the wind rustling through the trees… the waves crashing on the shore… the sound of a cat’s purr… you get the picture. If not… you better start meditating lol. In the meantime… I think I’ll dance!

Until next time…