Do We Really Know Anything?

If you only know what you’ve been told, do you really know anything at all?

Think about it.

How much have you learned totally on your own and how much has the influence of someone else or something else?

How much from your childhood has stayed with you? What were you told? What mantras were you fed? I’m not saying everything you were exposed to was negative or wrong but for the most part it was someone’s opinion at one time. Good or bad, right or wrong. It gets passed down.

I can remember telling my son to be careful because if he fell, he would crack his head open and the sawdust would fall out. I didn’t think anything of it at the time but when I think about it now, years later… what an awful thing to tell a child lol. I don’t remember at what age I learned there was no sawdust in one’s head.

I don’t know what made me think of that example lol. Weird. But seriously what stayed with me as a child was the negativity that came from begging and begging to do things and being told no. That has stayed with me much to my surprise. It ties in with my having issues with trust. You can check my past posts on it by searching the word “trust” if you are interested in my journey.

It ties in with my trust issues by telling me anything I want is unattainable because I’m worthless. I may want but I am not to receive. That is how my childhood went. Don’t get me wrong, I did get to do some things but to be told over and over again that I was not going to be allowed to do something that was important to me at the time was just a big ol hammer hitting me on the head saying “no no no you will never follow through”. Talk about setting someone up for failure. You tell me I will fail, that thought of failure sticks with me like a bad cologne so what happens? I fail. Over and again. For some reason I continue putting on the cologne thinking it will smell like an expensive perfume. It took a very long time but I tossed the bottle of the stinky cologne away and bought myself that expensive perfume… why? Because I Am Worth It. I figured it out but I cannot say there was no other influence… if my parents hadn’t done what they did I wouldn’t know what I now know.

So how much of what you know came from you and you alone? Not much, if anything right? So be careful of what you pass on to others.

Anyway… really think about it… go into your No Judgment Zone and think about who you allow to influence you and why.

Until next time…