Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Two of Fire

Merry Meet! 

Is there an opportunity ahead or have you been putting something off? This is the card for you… read on…

Two of Fire

Two of Fire:

Pausing between the worlds, a cat considers her options. Adventure lies outside in the deepening darkness, away from the shelter and safety of the lighted dwelling. Fire Cats live for adventure, but moving from the security of where she is to the potential of where she could be is not a matter to be rushed. From the vantage point of the threshold, the cat takes all the time she needs.

The Cats Advice: 

There is the potential for advantageous opportunity ahead, but the time may not be right to make your move. Consider carefully. A discreet time of observation and meditation may serve you better than charging ahead.

Are you considering rushing into something you do not know enough about? You may think you know enough but you do not. Step back and breathe… do more research and if the opportunity goes away then it wasn’t the right time or the right one. Or you may just find out it wasn’t really what you wanted after all. 

Until next time…

Blessed Be!