Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Seven of Fire

Merry Meet!

Are you feeling attacked on a personal level? Read today’s message, fyi, this Fire Cat came up reversed.

Seven of Fire

Seven of Fire:

Fire Cats never shrink from a fight when right is on their side. Challenges to territory are decided not through physical prowess alone but by the intensity of personal power. When a cat faces opponents who want to chase him from his rightful place, he fends them off with a fiery show of strength and courage. These cats shall not pass!

The Cat’s Advice – Reversed Card:

Constant defensiveness is exhausting. If those who oppose you won’t back down or if you continually feel endangered or under attack, this may not be the right place to take a stand. Consider moving on or finding new ways to compromise.

Darling, you need to Move On. It’s way past time. Plain and simple. You know who you are and what you stand for and that is enough for now, trying to convince others… well, that is a waste of time.

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Blessed Be…