Mystical Cats Tarot ~ XVIII The Moon

Merry Meet! 

Are you stuck in a repeating cycle? Can’t figure out how to get out? Read on for this cards reversed meaning.

XVIII The Moon Card 2

XVIII The Moon:

When the planet turns its face toward the dark, our nocturnal nature draws us out into the enchanted realm we know simply as Moon. This is a dominion of dreams that we explore with our senses fully awake. The subconscious spills into consciousness, allowing us to see what is not revealed by sight alone. Strange sounds come to our ears, intoxicating perfumes reach our noses, things appear that only emerge in darkness. We creep softly, following our moonshadows over the colorless world.

The Cats Advice: If the card is reversed:

You may have a hard time allowing for the possibility of things you can’t perceive with your daylight mind, the rational and analytical parts of yourself. This can block intuition and dream messages, perhaps even erase any memory of your dreams at all. Explore your resistance to going deeper within. 

You may have shut down for one reason or another and there is no shame in that. It’s our minds safety mechanism. Sometimes, unfortunately, it is necessary. However, that same safety mechanism can also block those nighttime romps in dreamland. You absolutely need to change your view of your life. Take off those glasses that are distorting your view. It is time to get new glasses.

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Blessed Be!