Trust Test ~ Cry For Help

I just thought I would share this because it was so blatantly obvious to me after a day of it happening.

During this last fiasco I cried out for help to the Angels, asking for an obvious sign that they were with me and I could trust The Universe with my plight. I specified “obvious” because I’ve been so scattered and absentminded due to the overwhelming stress I was afraid I would miss the sign if there indeed was one coming.

The sign was feathers. Yes, feathers, little downy white feathers and a lot of them. I was finding them all over our room as well as on me. On my laptop, in the bed, on the bed, on the floor, floating in the air… in my clothes… they were everywhere!

The first day I was noticing them I just thought they were coming from a hole in one of the pillows… no hole and for the amount of feathers I was seeing there should have been one. lol But no holes….

The next day I realized that the abundance of feathers WAS my sign that everything would be ok. I was like “DUH!” How could I not have figured this out yesterday? After all it was the day after I cried out for reassurance.

I felt a weight lifted off my entire body when I realized the feathers were the sign. It was wonderful and lessened the stress somewhat. Once I realized about the feathers, I didn’t see them around anymore.

So there you have it… a cry for help and an answer! I am blessed.

Until next time…