Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Fire Tom

Merry Meet!

Do you tend to “shoot first and ask questions later”? “Jump the gun”? Then this card is for you… it came up reversed today. Don’t let a false start ruin your day… read on:

Fire Tom

Fire Tom:

The epitome of boldness and grace, a Fire Tom sleekly glides through a field of candles, his swift passage like a hot wind among the flames. His eye never waivers from his goal. This tom is intensely focused when he wants to achieve something, and he can be a bit reckless in pursuit of his desires. He operates from a combination of luck and skill, with a dash of daring thrown in.

The Cat’s Advice ~ Reversed Card:

Get out of the hot zone and assess the situation before you take action. Your natural inclination to react swiftly will not serve you well now and may lead to being burned. Apply some rational thought and take advice from others if you need it. 

It’s time to slow down… recharge. You’ve been in a hot zone for too long and you’ve gotten burned. You need time to recover, dress and heal your wounds. Yes, there are immediate needs that demand your attention but if you don’t stop for a moment and take care of you… well, what will happen if you land in a hospital? You may get burned worse next time if you don’t take care of you! No matter what anyone says… rest and recover… it’s YOUR life not theirs. They may be a part of it, but you and only you live YOUR life and experience YOUR experiences.

Until next time…

Blessed Be…