Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Five of Sea

Merry Meet!

Have you hit a stumbling block in your life? Are you going to lie down and give up or are you going to stand and fight!? Check what the Five of Sea has to say:

5 of Sea Reversed

Five of Sea:

Cats do not like to fail. Loss of dignity is almost physically painful to us, and when we attempt something that doesn’t succeed, it is made far worse if anyone else sees it happening. This cat has taken an involuntary plunge while fishing. The fish are still there and he can try again, but first he must tend to his dampened spirits and his soggy pride.

The Cat’s Advice:

It’s natural to feel disappointment when you’ve had a setback or rejection, when something you wanted hasn’t come to you yet. Be aware that the story isn’t over. Pull yourself together and try again.

Don’t worry about what others think… one good reason for that is you can’t read people’s minds and they may not even be ‘judging’ you. They have their own issues… sorry to say but you may not be a priority to them. That can be a good thing in your process of letting go. You may feel as if you have failed, but you have not. You are experiencing setback after setback and it’s time you looked at your life without those rose-colored glasses you are so used to wearing. Take a step back and look at your situation objectively and don’t forget to count your blessings. Then you can step up to the plate and hit a home run.

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Blessed Be…