Mystical Cats Tarot ~ XVI The Tower

Merry Meet!

Are you unable to keep your paws on solid ground? Feel like you are being thrown left and right and up and down by those close to you? Read on to what our reversed Tower Card has for advice…

XVI The Tower Reversed

XVI The Tower:

Cats prefer that things remain stable, and we always pause to consider the situation to make sure it is safe before proceeding. Alas, not all things are within our control. Sometimes even a trusted structure will topple unexpectedly, rousing us from our rest with startling violence. This is not a time for hesitation: survival depends on quickly adapting to the changed conditions. At such times, instinct takes over. Turning in midair, we find the horizon and orient ourselves to land safely, absorbing the shock with flexible grace.

While you are twisting and turning in the gale force winds of life… you are having a hard time caring for you. People tell you other things must come first. However, ‘people’ do not live your new life. It’s very stormy in your life right now… find some silver lining and cling to it! Just remember, you MUST find a way to care for you as well as not putting other important things off. There has to be a balance but not an equal balance yet. It may run 80/20 with it being you/stuff, it may run 60/40 another day and then it may run a nice 50/50. Whatever your balance is right now is what it needs to be. It’s ok to care for you… just don’t forget the other things.

Until next time…

Blessed Be…