The End is Near

With this new moon, the universe is sending us the rewards for our hard work and difficulties of the past three years. We can now officially start a new Chapter in life, it’s the beginning of a brighter and better future.

Everything we need, to turn our wildest dreams into reality, is there for the taking.

This isn’t just any new moon, but a quite extraordinary and special one. As well as being a super moon, (closest to Earth) it is making the best aspects that we have probably seen in the past three years. When the difficult Uranus- Pluto square and Saturn in Scorpio, were often causing tense and difficult aspects.

~Expanded Consciousness

I like this part of their article. I have indeed felt a shift lately. Things have been extremely hard for me. Much harder than they have been and I look forward to this change with the supermoon on the 21st of this month… next weekend! So this hell I’ve been through will finally pay off.

The one thing that is confusing is the author’s use of “new moon” and not “full moon”.

Here is a little article that explains a supermoon… CLICK

It’s from a past supermoon event but it is cute and informative.

So here I go being positive and hopeful. I really don’t want to land on my face again. It hurts! I am trusting that the end is near to this depression and this shift this coming weekend lifts it and then some!

Until next time…



Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Earth Queen

Merry Meet!

Are you giving and giving but not getting any chance to rest? Check out the advice of the Earth Queen… she came up reversed today.

Earth Queen

Earth Queen:

Enthroned in her lush garden, the Earth Queen gathers strength from nature to protect and nurture those in her care. She is even-tempered, not easily upset or flustered, and these qualities endear her to her own clan as well as friendly visitors, whom she welcomes graciously. As a mother, the Earth Queen is always available for a cuddle, and nothing gives her more pleasure than feeding and caring for her kittens. As a mate, she is devoted and practical, sharing all responsibilities with her consort. Her highest priority is ensuring a comfortable life for her clan and herself.

With this card being reversed, you are probably exhausted from taking care of everything and anything anyone tells you to. There has been a theme with the Cards, have you noticed? It’s been about taking care of yourself in times of great stress. Whether it is housing, a job, family friction, health… all the above or anything else… it is hard to take the time to care for yourself. Especially when others are pushing and pushing. It’s time to push back. Just remember, be gentle an it is not a bad thing to care for YOU.

Until next time…

Blessed Be…