Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Sky King

Merry Meet!

Are you acting like a jerk? Is someone close to you acting like one? Then this reversed Sky King is for you….

Sky King Reversed

Sky King:

Ruling the Sky Clan takes an iron will and a cool head. While those around him are inclined toward violence or cruelty, the king must detach and see the bigger picture. His subjects give him their respect, along with a certain amount of caution and fear. He doesn’t reveal his inner feelings or give way to outbursts of temper. Nothing fazes the Sky King — not wind, weather or the wild vicissitudes of the Sky Clan. 

With our Sky King being reversed today… are you feeling oppressed? Are You the oppressor? This can go either way. But I suspect that for today it seems that one or some of you out there is feeling oppressed. Sort of not heard by your mate? Is their “joking” too much for you? It’s time to have a chit-chat with this one before things go too far. (again) They need to understand that is a lack of respect towards you.

Until next time…

Blessed Be…