Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Four of Fire

Merry Meet!

Are you afraid that you have lost your way to the Light? Are you afraid you have waited too long to meld with It? Fear not, good news comes with this Reversed Four of Fire!!

Four of Fire

Each clan has its own ancient rituals and rites of passage, its own of connecting to the sacred feline nature. For the Fire Cats, the most spiritual of the clans, the source of all mystical power is light. In their many temples, they meditate on the sparkling Mysteries and worship their own beauty that shines from within.

You’ve been alone in your spiritual practices for way too long. It is time to start what you have put on pause. Start by yourself or look for a Meetup Group in your area. Remember how you felt when you were in the Light? You can get that back and you deserve it back. It is as important to your wellbeing as breathing.

Until next time…

Blessed Be…


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