Get Your Motor Running…

…head out on the highway…

Hi again!

So, today I, me, Roxy went out with our son and had a blast! Below you will see a little slideshow from a place we stopped.

The one thing that really, not freaked me out… but… it was kinda wild. This was my first time driving our car and the places we went it was so long since we were on some of the roads! Some of the places we’ve never driven before and all the while going down different highways and roads we kept wondering if we were lost lol.

Ya know, it’s a strange feeling driving somewhere for the first time when others in The Body have driven those very roads and highways quite a few times. Yup, very strange.

What was really cool… when we dropped off Marshall and then headed home… (snickering) I found the highway home first try unlike someone else… Missy. lol

Ok, more to come… most likely lol

Blessed Be,


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