Mystical Cat Tarot ~ Ten of Fire

Merry Meet!

Does it feel as if your life is on fire and you’ve no extinguisher? Read on to see what our reversed Ten of Fire has to say…

Ten of Fire Reversed

Ten of Fire:

The Fire Cat council shown in the Nine has lost control of the Fire! Too much energy was channelled at once, and the resulting burst of power is too hot for the cats to handle. Even spiritual fervor can become too much if not used wisely. The collective intention has shattered — it’s every cat for herself now.

With this card being reversed the message is not so ominous. Things will be calmer soon. Who you or what you thought you needed… you don’t. Move on but don’t take on too much or cry over spilt milk. It’s all going to be ok in the long run. Don’t waste time looking in the wrong direction(s).

Until next time…

Blessed Be…