Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Nine of Fire

Merry Meet!

Have you got too many ideas? Not enough time? Too jumbled? Well, check out our reversed Nine of Fire for some clarity…

Nine of Fire Reversed

Nine of Fire:

The council of Fire Cats gathers in their great chamber to raise magical energy and send it outward to empower their clan. They are in command of the mystical elemental entity that is Fire, and they contain it safely by the strength of their will. Focusing on the golden flames, each cat feels an answering spark kindling its soul. This is pure feline power at its best and brightest.

With our Nine of Fire being reversed, you are in need of a creative outlet. Believe it or not you have a lot going on that needs reining in. Try meditation, try Reiki… anything that you can do to settle down those cats that need herding in your head.

Until next time…

Blessed Be…