Meditation & Stress

At my last therapist visit she and I talked about ways to reduce stress. My stress levels have been off the charts for months and months now. Nevermind the panic attacks. So, I decided on 2 meditations a week to begin with and work back up to my usual daily. I have not meditated daily for just over a year. It shows.

I started seeing just how much of a toll it’s taken on my body (not meditating regularly) when I was able to go to a meditation/acupuncture group once a week. (My insurance changed so the group is no longer accessible to me.) How I felt… omg! Relaxed, I was able to breathe! How could I have forgotten that feeling!?

I’ll tell you how… a part of it is switching and a part of it is depression and part of it is just lazy and forgetting how great we feel after. Once we settle down and DO it… oh, so much better once we can still our mind and spirit enough to get the benefit.

We actually did more than just meditate… so far just once and our next appointment is tomorrow so that means we meditate tonight for sure to get the 2 times minimum in. But we got our Shen Men Points pierced! Now, instead of getting the seeds, I have permanent acupressure on that point! It has made a difference in how I feel too… I feel more relaxed and it has been steady since we got them pierced.

Shen Men piercing

So… I know until my body and spirit starts to crave meditation again I have to just get off my ass and DO it. The benefits are so worth it.

Until next time…