Mystical Cats Tarot ~ 0 The Cat

Merry Meet!

Do you want to follow your bliss? Check out the way of The Cat!

0 The Cat

0 The Cat:

What a wonderful thing it is to be a cat! No creature is more graceful, mystical, wise, or courageous. All our senses are keenly attuned to understand and be fully part of the planes of existence, both seen and unseen. Every plant, every stone, every breeze, every sound is perceived clearly and received with curiosity. Everything we encounter is experienced at its fullest and most real. We walk through life always ready to experience each serendipitous adventure. No one needs to remind cats to stop and smell the flowers. We know full well the flowers were placed there just for us.

It’s time for you to see the wonder in everything The Universe has to offer you. And The Universe has everything to offer you… all you have to do is claim it! Remember those flowers were placed there just for you!

Until next time…

Blessed Be…