Mystical Cats ~ Six of Fire

Merry Meet!

Have you been through the wringer? Did you come out the other side? Well, then take this advice…

Six of Fire

Six of Fire:

What makes an alpha cat? Some cats are natural leaders, whether through victory in mating battles or success in claiming territory. Others inspire just by the warmth of their personal charisma. Tokens of admiration are offered to these noble ones and are graciously received. When a cat is worthy of respect, we do not hesitate to give it. All the clans benefit from the presence of such an exemplar.

The Cat’s Advice:

You are either finding yourself leading by example or soon will be. You may not even realize that someone is looking up to you. You’ve been through the wringer and came out the other side intact and better for it. Let that shine, be proud! You deserve it. Let your example inspire others.

Until next time… Blessed Be… Saila