Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Three of Sky (Reversed)

Merry Meet!

Do you believe in Karma? It works both ways you know… Read on to see what our reversed mischievous Sky Cats have today…

Three of Sky

Three of Sky:

If we choose to do so, cats can move gracefully among even the most fragile objects. These troublemaking Sky Cats choose to see how much they can wreck for their own amusement. Cherished items of adornment or veneration are valued only for the crash they make as they hit the ground. The destruction these cats leave in their wake is hilarious to them as they delight in their own careless mischief.

Saila’s Sentiment:

Things are about to come full-circle. If you need to make any amends, do it now because Karma is coming. If you are the one who was injured, just wait it out and let things take their course. Karma is best served uninterrupted.

Until next time… Blessed Be… Saila