Gluten and The Runny Nose

No, it’s not a new title on the syfy network. It’s the story of my life. It seemed to be one of those odd randomly common symptoms that no one connected until recently. I was treated from childhood for allergies. Yes, true I do have an allergy to gluten but that isn’t the allergy they were treating me for. Unsuccessfully I might add. My runny nose was pretty much constant with some breaks of time where it was fine. I was treated for sinus issues which I did have but they were exacerbated by gluten, treated unnecessarily for (which we know now but seemed the logical culprits back then) hay fever, rhinitis..

What I didn’t realize then was when my nose was fine I had changed my diet to be high protein and extremely low carb. Which also meant very little to no gluten. Yea, it took years to put together. It took changes in diet, blood work, diet review and a biopsy to finally figure it out.

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Ugh, let me tell you, right after the first bite of something with gluten in it I can feel it in my nose. So what do I do? I avoid the gluten. Not only does that clear up my nose but it clears up a number of other problems as well… like joint pain, itchiness, headache, gastrointestinal problems, shortness of breath etc… these are all my experience, I am not saying everyone with a gluten issue will or does have them. Each person as each experience is unique.

But the runny nose… interesting. Do you know that even the most potent prescription nasal spray never stopped my nose from running? Not one doctor including the ENT that prescribed that spray I mentioned could figure out it is being caused due to an allergy to gluten. I mean seriously, who would be able to connect that??? True, me (takes a bow lol) however it took me years, hell, all my life, where I can remember having that dang runny nose to finally connect it.

I’m so glad it got connected, not only is it another way to sniff out gluten… pun intended… hahaaa… I don’t have the embarrassment of constantly wiping my nose or asking for tissues…

Anyway, you can find answers in the most unlikely of places if you pay attention. In my case it was years of playing connect the dots and then luck. All I know is Thank God/dess that I don’t have to have a runny nose anymore!!

On that note… Blessed Be… Saila

Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Seven of Sky

Merry Meet!

Are you having too many “Ooh Shiney” moments? Are you not seeing what is right in front of you? If so, read on, this Mystical Cat has something for you…

Seven of Sky

Seven of Sky

With a whoosh of red-flashed wings, a flock of blackbirds explodes into the air, startling a Sky Cat and distracting her from her prey. While her attention is diverted, a sly clanmate slinks in and steals the mouse. Now it remains to see if he gets away with it or if the injured party will turn in time to fight for what is rightly hers.

Saila’s Sentiment:

Because you are letting yourself get distracted more and more you are in danger of losing something very important. Are the distractions worth it? Or is what you want really worth it? Do you want someone else to gain what is rightfully yours? You need to pay attention.

Until next time… Blessed Be… Saila