Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Nine of Sky

Merry Meet!

No, you’re not seeing double, this card popped yesterday too… it’s all about dreams, good dreams, bad dreams, nightmares… but most of all… your dreams and how to enjoy them… read on to see what this Sky Cat has for you…

Nine of Sky

Nine of Sky:

Cat dreams are frequent and intense. The breadth of our dreaming imagination would astound any other species, for it extends into ancestral memory and all our past lives as well as present experience. Needless to say, our nightmares are terrifying and haunting. This Sky Cat trembles as all his worst fears rampage through his sleeping mind. The effect of the dream will linger long after he wakes to his much safer reality.

Saila’s Sentiment:

Things may not be going well for you right now. Your life seems like a nightmare that will never end and only get worse. Dwelling on these things will only do just that… make things worse. Remember Like attracts Like… you never know what a little positivity can do. I know positivity is the last thing on your mind and you may be thinking “Yea, I’m positive things aren’t going to get better.” But trust me Love, yes, they will be different and that can be a good thing, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You need to slow down your mind, try meditation and positive affirmations.

Until next time… Blessed Be and Hugs… Saila

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