Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Two of Sea

Merry Meet!

Ah, love. It’s in the air… were you thinking of throwing in the towel on your relationship? STOP! Read on…

Two of Sea

Two of Sea:

Ah, romance! That magical moment when you gaze into another’s eyes and see your own best self reflected there. Everything about the beloved one is enchanting — fur and fragrance and all the fascinating traits that make up the personality. This initial infatuation may deepen or it may fade, but while it lasts, the world exists of just you two. 

Saila’s Sentiment:

In an existing relationship, you are due for a fresh burst of romance. You may have had a hard time recently and were actually thinking of throwing in the towel… however… don’t worry, your heart is in safe keeping.

Until next time… Blessed Be… Saila