The Pie Conversation

Merry Meet!

Here’s a typical internal conversation between myself and one of my alters – this time it was 14yr. old Joanie. It had to do with me wanting (but not enough to actually eat tonight) a piece of pie. Lyman Orchards Apple Crumb! The best apple pie on the planet!

Me: I want pie.

Joanie: There’s pie on the table.

Me: That’s the last piece and it’s for breakfast.

Joanie: But what if I die in my sleep????

Me: Then I will know I saved the pie.

Joanie: Oh. Brother.

Me: You can have a cigarette instead.

Joanie: Fine.

She had her cigarette. That’s actually the age I was when I first really started smoking. Back then, a pack cost only .50. Yes, fifty cents. Amazing right? Ok, time for me to finish that cig and watch the skunk out the window lol.

Until next time… Blessed Be… Saila