Oak Trees ~ Do They or Don’t They

I’m sitting here with Sausage Party on the TV but am paying little attention to it. My attention is focused out the window. I can see the colors popping on the leaves of the trees and it just looks so beautiful! It seems like only yesterday that they were all green. Hmm… maybe it was. Not sure what kinds of trees they are, they’re too far away to tell but not all are turning yet so it looks as if I will have my show for some time! 🙂

There is this huge oak tree that I look at from the bathroom window and I was sad to learn that oak trees don’t have leaves that change color… they go from green to brown. At least that is what Marion told me. We’ll see if it’s true soon enough. I like watching for wildlife… birds and squirrels usually when I’m in there smoking lol. (Not in the tree lol in the bathroom.) These days all I hear is the pop pop pop of the acorns falling on the roof. lol It used to startle me until I realized what it was.

It’s so nice and quiet right now that it is calming. Coco is asleep on her loft and I just may curl up on the couch and watch this whacked out movie until I fall asleep. It will only be a matter of time until Coco curls up against me on the couch lol Hmmm… maybe not because I can hear her snoring lol.

Well, I’m still hoping that Marion was wrong about the oak leaves and I’ve got my eye on those leaves – which are still all green. I’m not going to google it because I don’t want to be disappointed. So as for do they or don’t they? We shall see and I will let you know.

Until next time… Blessed Be… Saila