The Dead Galaxy

Today has been a very off day for me. It started with me waking up and figuring I didn’t hear my alarm yet I thought I had time to sleep so I looked at the clock. Oh boy. It was almost 12:30pm! SHIT! My alarm didn’t go off! I checked my phone and found it completely off. I was like WTF!? (I use my phone as my alarm.) Not sure how or why but it was off. I turned it back on figuring it went dead overnight… nope. Fully charged. 100%.


I must have been having strange dreams last night and this morning because I can’t shake that last bit of sleepiness off of me. And it’s 8pm now.

I know part of it has to do with the DID because I can feel some of the others, a lot of them as a matter of fact, are feeling loopy. I have no idea why. As long as they are feeling off, so will I. It’s all connected.

Seeing my son helped as did getting out of the house. So we shall see about tomorrow and how we feel. I have to be up and out early so that means not relying solely on my phone to wake me up… I’m using the alarm clock and my boyfriend. lol

On that note, I think I will take my shower and relax.

Until next time… Blessed Be… Saila